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Back In Action

So…. It has been a minute, and as we hit the middle of 2016, I have come out of seclusion and committed to getting better at social media. Big up to the wonderful team of Conchita Campos and Jacques Dupoux for bringing me into the 21st century. To bring this all back, I am performing […]

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My Writing Process- Blog Tour

My Writing Process – Blog Tour My sister in the struggle and the joys and glasses of red wine and thunder and lightening storm dance parties Piper Anderson invited me to this blog tour last week. Exciting! The opportunity to create is a gift, but I have been in a writing…funk/whirlwind/desert as of late. Ah! […]

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and then there was the chat I had with aamer rahman

  Here’s the interview I did with the dope comic Aamer Rahman, originally posted on Friends We Love. Comics We Love:: Aamer Rahman Aamer’s ¨Reverse Racism¨ clip had gone viral. It was really tight and I looked for other material. He’s a person of colour and his delivery and politics sound exactly like conversations I […]

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here is a poem of mine.

see. I told you would be better with posting. here is a newer piece I wanted to share. (window ledges) That summer I bussed it City to valley and back Each day Stones grew in my heart And fingers tensed along window ledges   I cried as The valley remained dry Those days Spit in […]

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Let’s Celebrate APIA Month, shall we?

Hey, Good Peoples. It’s been about two months since posting something. And now I commit to being better about using this whole social media thing from here on in. I’ll be performing tomorrow at 1PM Brooklyn Children’s Museum. Part of the APIA Month celebration. All ages welcome. I’ll be sharing songs, words, and language lessons for […]

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El Otro at COTE/ Looking Glass Theatre

This coming Wed. and Thurs. (4 & 5 April), there will be a workshop of Miguel de Unamuno’s play, El Otro. I play the role of Ama and it’s been great to be in rehearsals. Directed by Robert A.K Gonyo, produced by Co-Op Theatre East, and presented at Looking Glass Theatre (422 W. 57th St.). […]

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BAM’s Poetry 2012, Fri., Mar. 9

For the past 5 or 6 years, Brooklyn Academy of Music has put together spring poetry performances for high school youth. I had the pleasure to perform with We Got Issues! fam in 2009 in addition to being one of the BAM teaching artists that preps the youth for what they see onstage. Woot woot! […]

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Musicians We Love- Xoel López

This interview originally appeared in Dec. on Friends We Love, for which I guest write. And only now posting it. One of my favourite interviews I’ve done so far…Check it out **************************************************************************************************************************** Great music. Good people. Work to inspire. This comes to mind when describing Galician musician and songwriter Xoel López. He has been composing since his […]

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Reading at New York Foundation of the Arts

Whoa. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Happy 2012! A mix of lots of events and work happening and need to rest and step away from the computer. Starting things off…I’ll be reading as part of the New York Foundation of the Arts Bootstrap Festival. If you’re in the area, come on through and […]

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Fight the ShutDown of OWS- no press allowed

Check out this stream. Let them know you’re watching.

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