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Fight the ShutDown of OWS- no press allowed

Check out this stream. Let them know you’re watching.

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Youth Programs We Love: Save Sessions LA

My homeboy, DJ Phatrick, sent out a call a few weeks ago: a program he works with, Sessions LA, lost funding and they were raising the money to keep it going.  A click of a button and I learned that ¨Sessions LA is a DJ, music production, and recording Workshop for youth and young adults […]

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Foundations We Love: The Global Block Foundation

Check out my latest piece in Friends We Love on Global Block Foundation, also included below. Big up to hip-hop and community work. The Global Block Foundation, founded by the Hon. George Martinez (also GBF’s President), Clara Guerrero, and Jelani Mashariki, integrates hip-hop and community work through a group who is truly invested and inclusive […]

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